Vertical Components

As product line under intelli-force magnetix, Vertical Components will change the way your walls function. From design to productivity, Vertical Components has products to transform your wall space.

How does Vertical Components work?

Vertical Components uses the same concept of magnetic flooring, but applies it to walls. There is a magnetically receptive acrylic primer that is used to prime the walls. It can be painted over new walls as a primer, or existing walls. Then it is finished painted with the paint of your choice. After that, the Vertical Components elements with magnetic backing will be magnetically attracted to the wall.

Magnetic White Board

Imagine going edge to edge with white board that you can take down and put up as you need. With our magnetic white board, you can have up to 150 foot lengths of continuous white board. It can be removed for conferences and put back up as needed. If you are leasing a space, you can roll it up and take it with you. Or if you have kids at home, you can roll it out on the wall for them to play and draw on, then roll it up when they’re done.