Magnetic Flooring

intelli-force magnetix is a revolutionary new magnetic flooring system geared towards saving money, turning around floors quickly, and saving waste from landfills. Once the preparation is done, replacing or repairing a floor is as simple as lifting up a tile and putting a new one down.


  • Quick turn around – After prep, coating is ready to receive magnetic flooring in as little as an hour. No waiting for adhesives or moisture mitigation to cure
  • High RH tolerance – Good to 98% RH
  • Strong hold – Horizontal shear strength is very high
  • Easy repair – Tile will easily lift up for repair, simply remove and place new tile. No glue, no patch, no mess
  • Cost friendly replacement – For the first replacement, simply lift up and remove old tiles, then install new tiles. No waiting for cure time of adhesives or patch.
  • Eco Friendly – No adhesive cans, no bags of patch. Easily reuse existing tile in other areas or resell. After the lifecycle of the flooring is worn and completed, no need for new adhesives or new patch.
  • Good over existing floors – Install coating over asbestos tile or other types of flooring and isolate. Install flooring right on top.
  • In floor messaging – Easily replace elements in the floor with directional messaging, advertising, or notifying. No stickers to remove and clean up