Statguard 8400 Series

ESD Tile for controlling static discharges is at the core of ICT’s business. We started in 1996 as the nationwide value added installer for 3M ESD 8400 Series No Wax Tile. In 2015 Desco Industries acquired 3M’s ESD Division and rebranded the 8400 series under their Statguard Flooring line. The tile is still the same proven tile, manufactured in the same plant from when we started in 1996.


  • 8400 series is a No Wax, Low Maintenance ESD tile. The tile is consistently shiny out of the box and only requires buffing as needed.
  • Lowest maintenance cost of any conductive ESD Vinyl Tile. No special cleaners or extraneous maintenance needed.
  • Pure vinyl, no fillers. Because of this, our tile has a tighter surface and stays cleaner, and is easier to clean.
  • Tiles are micro square cut. When properly installed, there is virtually no gap between tiles, giving the floor a almost solid sheet like look. This also helps keep the floor clean.
  • 2 part epoxy adhesive is used to set the tile. High bond strength allows for even heavy forklift traffic to move on the floor without damaging it.
  • High aesthetic value – our tile is very glossy. Gives off a high tech, clean room type look.
  • Best electrical performance, and a lifetime warranty on electricals.
  • ICT offers a 5 year installation warranty on workmanship – typical labor warranties are only 1 year.


8400 Series has the easiest maintenance on the market.

  • Dust mop and sweep daily. Depending on your use, you may be able to space this out.
  • Mop as needed. If the floor gets dirty, you can use a pH neutral solution or Statguard’s ESD Cleaner and mop the floor.
  • If there is any in ground dirt, mop the floor wet, then buff with a red pad while wet.
  • Mop up dirty water, then buff dry with a red pad.
  • Final buff to a white pad for optimum shine


  • SpaceX
  • Boston Scientific
  • Ball Aerospace
  • Sigmatron International
  • GM
  • Stryker Medical
  • Creation Technologies
  • Harmon International
  • Nexteer Automotive
  • Sparton Electronics
  • UTC Collins Aerospace
  • Lockheed Martin
  • BAE Systems
  • Kongsberg
Harman Becker
Sparton Electronics
Test patch cleaning vs ESD Epoxy. Both areas have been cleaned. Statguard ESD Tile is at the top, ESD Epoxy below.
One corner left dirty to show how dirty the tile was before we cleaned it. This is the same facility as the picture above, same area as above.
Sparton Electronics